• 4 Factories

    We are running four factories, covering the compete production process of graphite electrode and Isostatic graphite products.

  • 50000 Metric Tons

    Annual capacity of 50000mt graphite products, supplying high quality and stable performing products to the essential industrial fields.

  • 30 Years Experience

    From 1990, keep focusing on manufacturing graphite electrode and fine carbon products, accumulated exceptional experiences.

  • About Us

Shida Carbon Group was established in 2001, formerly Shanxi Jiexiu Shida Carbon which was founded in 1990. Shida Carbon is a Hi-Tech enterprise specialized on research and production of graphite products. Now we produce 50,000mt graphite product a year from our 4 production plants in Sichuan province, covering the complete productional process of graphite electrode and isostatic graphite with advanced technologies and equipment.